The Environmental Impact Of Computing

June 19, 2014

Computers and modern technology have managed to eliminate many borders and make the world run faster, but they have also created a new kind of problem in the computer waste that is produced. This infographic examines the environmental impact of computing and suggests different ways in which a person can help reduce their computing-related consumption. […]


U.S. Data Consumption in One Day

February 6, 2014

As the richness of our media diet expands with high definition video, 12 megapixel photos, digital music collections, and streaming movies, we consume ever more data each day. This infographic shows a mixture of media that a hypothetical average U.S. citizen would have to consume to meet her daily quota. Source

What Americans Eat

What Americans Eat

August 26, 2013

Evaluating the diets of Americans. Source

Childhood Obesity Triples in One Generation

Childhood Obesity Triples in One Generation

July 19, 2013

From the 1970’s to present, soda consumption, television watching, caloric intake, and the number of fast food locations has skyrocketed. This infographic shows the percentage of children aged 2 through 19 years old who are obese against the backdrop of these statistics. Source

How Much Energy Does your Home Use?

How Much Energy Does your Home Use?

June 3, 2013

Ever wonder just how much electricity the various parts of your home use? Check out the image. Some of the results might surprise you! Source

Consumption Of Data In The USA

Consumption Of Data In The USA

June 1, 2013

Total daily consumption of data among Americans.

Beer You’re in the Clear

Beer You’re in the Clear

May 10, 2013

In the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day, we are delighted to present to you our infographic about beer. Beer You’re in the Clear informs fans of the health benefits of the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. Source


Food Percents

January 15, 2013

Percentages of food consumed in 2010 photographed to show accurate relationships similar to a deconstructed treemap Source


What Are We Eating?

January 2, 2013

What’s the breakdown of the American diet? Get the data on what we’re all chowing down on and how much of each food group. Source


U.S. Oil Usage [INFOGRAPHIC] – Infographic List

December 27, 2012

This infographic by the Creative Commons displays the usage of oil. The oil consumption has been shown through self explanatory graphs, stats and flowcharts. Source


World Energy Consumption and Production

December 20, 2012

Based on data obtained from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Science Omega details the major global players in terms of energy consumption and production Source

Stop Gobbling Up Energy

Stop Gobbling Up Energy

November 1, 2012

NEEA and Northwest utilities shift consumers toward maximum energy efficiency, enlist social media to drive awareness. Source