Who Buys iPads?

April 26, 2014

One of the most useful things marketers can learn about buyers of a hot product is what their habits and lifestyle are like. Bluekai, a marketing data firm, has the ability to “profile” buyers of specific items to get an idea of their other interests and similarities. Source


Meet The Connected Consumer

March 9, 2014

Contrary to assumptions, the average connected consumer is not a texting teenager or a hipster with more devices than flannel shirts. She is 40 years old, earns $63,000 and owns several Web-ready devices. She’s all over Facebook, loves to browse catalogs and is enthusiastic about shopping via her devices. Does she look familiar? Source


Good-Fast-Cheap: Do we expect too much?

March 9, 2014

Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for”? Receiving a good product or service quickly for a low cost is not any more a possibility than pink elephants (unless of course the pink elephants were preceded by a pint of Jack Daniels). Source


In Peer Review We Trust: Consumer Reviews vs other ad tactics

February 26, 2014

Consumer confidence in advertising has been swiftly shifting over the past five years; 7 in 10 internet users now trust brand websites and consumer opinions over traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Where else has consumer confidence in advertising shifted? Source


Overpriced HDMI Cables

February 5, 2014

How much were you planning on spending for HDMI cables? You don’t want those cheap ones that just do what they’re suppose to right? You want your cables to be pimped out with gas-injection and gold plating! Learn why you should never pay more than a saw buck for these sometimes over-hyped connectors Source


Satisfaction Drives Online Sales

December 2, 2013

Data from Human Highway and Netcom, visuallized by Davide Berardino and Sara Quagliani. Satisfaction is the main drive for rise of on line sales. It turns on line consumers in promoters to turn willing on line consumers to buy on line. Source


Magnetic Influence System

November 22, 2013

Magnetic Influence system shows how to become irresistible to your market, get consumer attention and position your business for success. By BuzzBooster.com Source


Top Telemarketing scams

November 8, 2013

Infographic Top telemarketing scams Source

Resource Consumption by Country

Resource Consumption by Country

April 14, 2013

This infographic looks at US consumer spending habits according to age demographic and various categories. Some of the larger and most obvious areas where money is spent are food, housing and utilities while some of the smaller categories include alcohol, tobacco, and reading. Source

Credit Cards and Consumer Debt

Credit Cards and Consumer Debt

March 31, 2013

In 2010 it was estimated that more than 181 million Americans had credit cards. That means on average there were 1.6 credit card carrying adults per household in the United States in 2008. This infographic looks at credit card and consumer debt as well as the CARD act. Read on for more important information. Source

Where to Cut: Consumer Spending

Where to Cut: Consumer Spending

March 27, 2013

In the face of the global economic recession, Indians face the challenge of trimming their spending without sacrificing their happiness too much. This infographic compares spending trends in India with worldwide trends, and highlights changes in different areas of spending from 2008 to 2009, with recommended strategies for cutting back effectively. Source

US Trust Consumer Spending

US Trust Consumer Spending

March 24, 2013

This simple 3D chart shows United States consumer expenditure as a percentage of GDP. 1976 though 2009 Source