Local Government Chronicle (LGC) – Sphere of Influence

February 28, 2013

A infographic illustrating the make-up of the British Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government in terms of the individuals links to Local Government Source


Religion and Politics

January 7, 2013

Although the United States makes sure to separate church and state, people’s religious ideology often ties in with their political ideology. This infographic looks at Catholic Hispanics, Evangelical Hispanics, Secular Hispanics and non-Hispanics and looks at their political ideologies.

How being a Liberal or Conservative Shapes your life

How being a Liberal or Conservative Shapes your life

June 4, 2012

These days identifying yourself as a liberal or conservative transcends politics. It’s the type of rift that extends to cultural, family and to some degree religious values. Studies have even suggested these differences in beliefs and attitudes cut so deep you can spot them in the structure of the brain. Source