Mac Person vs. PC Person

July 15, 2014

It’s a longstanding rivalry. Mac people are seen as cultish and creative and more likely to be city dwellers, while PC users are thrifty, practical down-home folks. Whichever way you skew, your identification with one tribe or the other is likely a strong one. Leaving aside the Linux geeks for the moment, you’re more like […]


Technology Trends

July 8, 2014

From one home life and one work life to ONE LIFE. Technologies, tools and trends have shifted the way we live and work. Check this out. Source


Computers: A Chronological Timeline

June 21, 2014

Computers have been around since the 1940s but there is no doubt that they have come a long way from the beginning. Follow this infographic from the 1939 creation of hp to the modern mobile technology of the iPad and everything inbetween. Source


The Environmental Impact Of Computing

June 19, 2014

Computers and modern technology have managed to eliminate many borders and make the world run faster, but they have also created a new kind of problem in the computer waste that is produced. This infographic examines the environmental impact of computing and suggests different ways in which a person can help reduce their computing-related consumption. […]


Apple Form Factor Evolution

June 1, 2014

Art director and designer Edwin Tofslie has clearly laid out a comprehensive- enough evolutionary visual time line of Apple products from 1976 to the present day, ending with, umm, uhhh–oh yeah, that new telephone device thing. Source

Hackers: How they Get In, How They Got In

May 23, 2014

Hacking is more relevant than ever, with the recent events with the Playstation 3 and other such hacks. This infographic goes into the details of just how hackers are able to do what they do best. Source


Apple and Adobe

May 13, 2014

Adobe and Apple are fighting for the same Flash market share (who isn’t fighting with Apple for market share?). Find out the stats on what each are fighting with, what they’re going for, and who’s winning the battle. Source


The History Of Microsoft

May 8, 2014

This infographic provides historical information and a timeline for Microsoft. It illustrates Microsoft’s technological history, sales history, company history, revenue history, and stock history. Source


ABB Application interfaces – Charging networks electric vehicle

April 23, 2014

Houston APIs enable you to design your own functionality. Houston application interfaces can connect any IT system to the Terra charging systems via the ABB Power-Routing network, giving you the power to design and manage your preferred settings and applications. Take a look at the infographic to know more. Source


The History of the Internet

April 21, 2014

Traces the extremely interesting and elaborate history of the internet from 1962-2009. Source


How Big is the World? (of Cloud Computing)

April 9, 2014

Computer clouds are built on massive data centers. They connect servers and computer systems and are very important. This infographic looks at cloud computing and gives interesting facts and figures about the industry. Source


How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

April 5, 2014

A slow internet connection can be a real pain in the you know where and can really set back your workday. This infographic shows the different ways the internet is available to you and which ones are the fastest and most reliable.