2008 executive compensations down 7%

March 26, 2014

CEOs salaries were slashed in 2008 – less total compensation, smaller bonuses, nearly worthless stock options – but their companies are already making adjustments that could mean fatter paychecks in the future. Source


In This Day And Wage

March 4, 2013

Compensation is a critical component of why we work, and as the knowledge worker has evolved, so has compensation. Company perks, additional paid time off, and retention bonuses have all become commonplace and have changed the way the millennial generation expects compensation for their work. Source


A Sunny Spot For Small Business

December 17, 2012

There’s good news on the small business front. After several months of less-than-hopeful job reports and econmic forecasts, small businesses were looking up in September. Employment, compensation, and hours worked all have grown since August. We take a closer look. Source


PayScale’s 2012 Compensation Best Practices

June 22, 2012

Each year, PayScale surveys thousands of HR and business leaders to learn about the workforce and compensation trends they’ve experienced in the previous year, and to see how those trends have informed their plans going forward. Below is a summary of those results. Source


TWIA’s Claims Process Gets a Makeover

June 4, 2012

A flow chart to visualize the new — and complicated — process policyholders with the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association will undergo to claim compensation or dispute coverage if a major storm hits the Texas coast. Source