Meet this Holiday’s Tablet Shopper

July 8, 2014

According to new research that we recently commissioned, 87% of tablet owners are browsing and purchasing their holiday gifts this year using their tablets. On average, they will spend $325 via their tablets in categories like electronics, clothing, toys and jewelry. Source


Apple to Apples

May 5, 2014

How the tech giant stacks up against America’s favorite fruit. Source


Facebook Commerce

March 11, 2014

One in four people who use Facebook have purchased something through a brand’s Facebook page. With more than 600 million people on the site, this is a huge number and one marketers can’t ignore. Incorporating Facebook fans into your marketing strategy can be a huge advantage to your brand. Source


Meet The Connected Consumer

March 9, 2014

Contrary to assumptions, the average connected consumer is not a texting teenager or a hipster with more devices than flannel shirts. She is 40 years old, earns $63,000 and owns several Web-ready devices. She’s all over Facebook, loves to browse catalogs and is enthusiastic about shopping via her devices. Does she look familiar? Source


The Commerce of Christmas

December 6, 2013

We’ve all seen the Black Friday rush and the news reports of skyrocketing Cyber Monday sales and felt the pressure to spend, spend, spend over the holidays. But how do these numbers really add up? Source


Shopping Cart Abandonment

October 10, 2013

Shopping cart abandonment remains a major ecommerce concern. To help manage this problem, here are tips to help significantly lower shopping cart abandonment. Source

Why It

Why It’s Time to Fight the Chamber of Commerce

March 29, 2013

According to this infographic, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends hundreds of millions of dollars to sway opinion on climate change. In the 2010 mid-term elections, 94% of the funds they spent went toward candidates who deny that climate change is happening. Big and small businesses alike can choose to split with the U.S. Chamber […]


The Virtual Buying Room

February 6, 2013

Social games on Facebook, on other social networks, and in mobile apps are changing the image of the gamer in America. WHat’s more, the rise of these social games has given way to a boom in the buying of in-game virtual goods. We take a look at how we’re spending and what it means for […]


Historic Shipwrecks of the Gulf of Mexico

January 7, 2013

This Infographic features some of the fascinating historic shipwrecks that have been identified in the Gulf of Mexico through oil and gas industry-related surveys. Source

The Origins and Paths of Epidemics

The Origins and Paths of Epidemics

October 24, 2012

This world map shows the origins and spreading paths of Malaria, Leprosy and Small Pox. No legend, but the implication is that as the main arteries diminish in width down to small capillaries represents the number of infection cases. Key dates and locations are also identified with event description. Source

So You Want to Test Something?

So You Want to Test Something?

August 17, 2012

Take the metro throughout the world of usability considering exactly what needs you have for Usability Testing. The first questions are only general thoughts you have to clear your head with, while the rest of the models aims to provide you with clear solutions to your needs. Source

United States of Craigslist

United States of Craigslist

July 3, 2012

Here’s a reapportionment of the United States, where the borders are drawn along geometric approximations of Craigslist sites. Pandemonium! Source