How to Choose a Career-Focused Education

January 26, 2013

The current one-size-fits-all U.S. education system is failing to prepare millions of young adults for career success. That’s the conclusion of a recently-published study by the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Source


Job Market of The Apes

January 25, 2013

The job market is terrible, and the situation isn’t getting any better. While there is a high demand for STEM studies, our jobs are also being taken over by… apes? Lets take a tongue-in-cheek look at how our job market is shifting, now and in the future. Source


The Masters

January 24, 2013

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship is arguably one of the most exciting tournaments in all of sports and certainly the pinnacle of collegiate level competition. Every year around the middle of March, 64 teams (recently adjusted to 68 which includes a “First Four” play-in round), divided into 4 regions, gather to compete in […]


Online College By the Numbers

January 23, 2013

Ever wonder what differences are between online degree programs and traditional on-campus universities? This infographic makes a visual comparison. Source


Saving for College: How Much Will It Cost?

January 22, 2013

If your looking to send your little ones off to college in the future you should start saving now! The below infographic shows the price for higher education in the future. Source


Open Source: The Affordable Future of College Textbooks

January 20, 2013

This infographic provides an explanation of what open source textbooks are and how this technology will help students to save money on textbooks. Source


5 Scholarship Application Mistakes to Avoid

January 19, 2013

When it comes to paying for college, who doesn’t like free money? When you need money to help pay for your college education, you want all the scholarship tips you can get to help your chances. In this infographic, we outline the top 5 scholarship application mistakes people often make and how you can avoid […]


The Culture of the Class of 2013

January 17, 2013

The Class of 2013 has always had a social security number, have never used a card catalog, and has always had the option of blue Jello. Source


The Value of a Master’s Degree

January 9, 2013

At one time a Master’s degree was a guarantee for a higher paying, better job. This has become less and less true, but not for all degrees. Find out who’s earning their degree and how much good it’s doing them. Getting that PhD in French Poetry might not actually bring in the big bucks that […]


College Readiness

January 9, 2013

Many of today’s high school students are graduating without the skills or knowledge necessary to succeed in college. As a result, many require remediation or drop out of college. We explore how unprepared U.S. students really are, and discuss the implications. Source


How Students Pay For College: The 2011 Edition

January 3, 2013

More than 60% of high school seniors are on their way to college this fall. In this infographic, we break down the average tuition for colleges and universities, and how these students plan to finance the growing cost of their college education. Source


Which College Degrees Are Worth The Student Loan Debt?

December 29, 2012

Math & Science degrees are clearly the way if you have to indebt yourself with student loans. Source