Mobile Giving Visualized

March 6, 2014

Of particular note is the profile of the average mobile donor: these donors are young, diverse and digital. If your company seeks to reach millennials and other young, wired deomgraphics, adding mobile to your cause marketing strategy is a good move for 2012. Source


TOMS Shoes One For One

January 6, 2014

Right now there is a company that strives on giving back to others, TOMS Shoes a One for One company has built their core business on having the ability and mission to give to others using a One for One model that states “For every pair of shoes purchased one will be given – One […]


The Business of Giving

January 3, 2014

As the economy struggles to rebound and households continue to scale back on spending, there is an increasing trend in the business world toward investing in corporate social responsibility. Even in these tough economic times, companies realize the importance of supporting local communities and philanthropic causes. Supporting a cause that positively reflects on a brand […]


Charity & Technology in the Online Universe

November 20, 2013

With the advancement of social media sites and more communication online more and more people are donating money through online and mobile outlets. This infographic looks at different charity organizations and how many donations have been given to them. Source


CIV Digital 10th Anniversary

October 28, 2013

CIV Digital is celebrating its 10th anniversary in business and created this infographic to reflect on their work done, as well as the entities they’ve worked with over the last 10 years. Source

Online Charitable Giving

Online Charitable Giving

October 14, 2013

A fun graphical representation of findings from The Online Giving Study Source


Bill Gates Is The Real World Batman

October 10, 2013

Bill Gates, former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft, started the The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation back in 1994, (with an initial stock gift of $94M) where it was then called The William H. Gates Foundation, but later named to the one we now know in 1999. In 2000, the foundation merged with The […]

Eye Care Foundation

Eye Care Foundation

July 4, 2013

For Dutch charitable organization Eye Care Foundation we created this infographic explaining how the organization spends it’s funds. For example, a gift of € 10 gives someone in a developing country a pair of glasses and with a gift of €100 a local doctor can be trained. Source

Where Bill Gates’ Money Goes

June 15, 2013

Bill Gates is known for being one of the most obscenely rich people in the world and many of us dream about what we would do with that kind of wealth. But wait a minute, what’s he doing with that kind of wealth? After all, it’s probable once you’ve amassed substantial savings, there are so […]

1 out of 8 Americans Received Emergency Food Assistance Last Year

1 out of 8 Americans Received Emergency Food Assistance Last Year

June 5, 2013

There are more Americans than we know that can’t afford food. This infographic brought to you by Adaptu, shows how small donations can help feed families and how Adaptu is working to fix this crisis. Source

2010 Run Walk Ride Top 10 Close

2010 Run Walk Ride Top 10 Close

May 14, 2013

Non-profits use run/walk rides to fundraise money for their organizations. This infographic shows the top ten run/walks of 2010 and how much money they earned. Source

Responsible Gift Giving

Responsible Gift Giving

May 6, 2013

Nearly one third, of adults say they will donate money to charity rather than purchase some gifts this holiday season. Four in five adults, say they appreciate it when people make a donation to a charity rather than purchasing a gift for them.