Facts About Text Messaging

February 25, 2014

Forms of communication has come along way throughout history and one that is probably more popular then the next is text messaging. From LOL’s to WTF’s, the world of texting has become a cultural phenomenon and a large majority of teens, men, women, and children have taken this wave to a whole new level. Check […]


Generation Text: Are Teens Cellphone Obssesed or Savvy Users?

February 17, 2014

“Generation text” is better than “generation talk” in one thing: when you write something, you prompt somebody to read that. The number of text messages sent by young people per month is huge. According to this wonderful infographic the US teen sends on average 3,417 messages per month. Source


Group participation and technology

January 7, 2014

The internet has become deeply embedded in group life and is affecting the way civic and social groups behave and the way they impact their communities. This chart shows the percentage of American adults in each tech user group (those who use the internet, those who connect to the internet wirelessly, cell phone users, etc.) […]