105 Million Candidates and counting

April 27, 2014

Is it possible to map the global workforce? TheSocialCV thinks so. It’s taken more than four years of development and required running more than 10 billion online records through a semantic processing engine but thesocialCV has now indexed more than 100 million professional profiles and has mapped more than 200 million professional interactions. Source

2011 Cameroonian Presidential run-off

2011 Cameroonian Presidential run-off’s

July 27, 2012

As for the results, you know the drill : Paul Biya was reelected with ~78% of the votes. One must note that the Septentrion, the Northwest & Southwest did honorable scores through their respective candidates, who arrive first in their native region’ poll Source

Anyone but Romney

Anyone but Romney

June 17, 2012

The support for Mitt Romney as a contender has been constant over time. Yet the GOP doesn’t seem to embrace him as their candidate. This chart shows the rising and falling of Republican candidates, as the support of their base shifts from one contender to the next. Source