How Retailers Are Adapting to the Mobile Shopping Craze

July 18, 2014

Like it or not, the time for retailers to adopt a mobile strategy is over. Shoppers are using smart phones and mobile devices for all manner of shopping activities, including price comparison, product information, local inventory lookup, reviews, and more. Retailers are striving to improve their mobile shopping experience to meet the demands of today’s […]


Lease vs. Buy Trends

April 25, 2014

Are you in the market to buy or lease commercial real estate? Make sure you check this infographic out on when and where to purchase the right property! Source


Price of Rent Vs Home Prices

February 8, 2014

WHAT IS CURRENTLY THE BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: RENT VS. BUY Over the past 3 years, the real estate market has undergone a great deal of change. Home values nationwide have fallen as a result of the housing bubble, and widespread foreclosures have kept prices low and flooded the market with available properties. Source


Buy And Sell Used Books Online

December 5, 2013

Looking at how much money textbooks cost over all it seems crazy to actually buy them new. Since you have probablly sold us books we know you are a savvy student but thought we would shed some light on the subject with this below graphic. Source


Have a merry, mobile Christmas (and an app-y new year!)

November 18, 2013

How well do you know your cell phone? Sure, it serves as another appendage or a digital personal assistant. But take a closer look at it. Sleek. Shiny. Maybe a scratch or two on the screen from the time you – well, never mind. Now consider this: sometimes the things we hold so close… should […]

ShopSavvy Wins Black Friday 2011

ShopSavvy Wins Black Friday 2011

June 1, 2013

This last week has been a pretty crazy one here at ShopSavvy. We’ve seen traffic explode and, with that traffic, we’ve gathered a lot of insight about how the 2011 shopping season is shaping up. Source


Should You Buy A Fixer-Upper?

March 1, 2013

Home prices may be down to where they were in 2002 and interest rates are at their lowest in 2011; but many first-time home buyers look to so-called fixer-uppers as their first home purchase, because properties in triple-mint condition with pruned yards are still too expensive. This infographic is a good way to get started […]


The True Cost of Home Ownership

February 23, 2013

Is it better to buy or rent? The decision depends on many factors, most important of which are how fast prices and rent rise, as well as how long you stay living there.


What Are People Buying In Fall?

February 13, 2013

From September to November, shoppers head to stores in droves to pick up their favorite electronics, sporting goods, and more. But not all businesses thrive this time of year. Below, we examine what retail sectors get the biggest fall boost and what sectors fall flat. Source

British Buying Power

British Buying Power

October 31, 2012

We take a look at exactly how British households are spending their money each week, and in what regions of the Uk families are spending the most and the best. Source


What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy Everything?

May 17, 2012

We pulled out our calendar and did some research to bring you some of the best times of year to buy everything from wedding dresses and houses to electronics and wine. Over the course of the week take a closer look at the best deals for each season. For today, take a look at the […]