Unmasking D.I.Y. Employees in the Enterprise

March 19, 2014

Enterprises must seize the opportunity to engage their most innovative employees or risk losing their best talent. In our recent study we discovered that nearly one in five information workers at mid to large-sized enterprises are building or customizing their own software for work purposes. We call these innovators D.I.Y.ers and unfortunately most of their […]


Love Hate Data Spending Habits Infographic

January 18, 2014

Survey from the love hate data site – Were Marketers more creative with their gifts? Did those in IT favour online shopping? And were most people Scrooges at heart? Source


SAP Fast Facts Infographic

December 13, 2013

“SAP customers help 800 million consumers live safer and healthier lives.” Just some of the facts included in our SAP Fast Facts Infographic. Source