The Evolution of Business Cards

March 18, 2014

Business cards have been a staple in business status and communication for many years, containing varying degrees of contact information, personal details and business service information. At MOO we decided to take a look at where they came from and how they ended up as they have today. Source


Business Cards

February 8, 2014

Business cards are important tools for expanding one’s network. While their purpose, for the most part, stayed the same since they were first introduced, the designs have changed. It’s important to stand out in today’s competitive environment and business cards can help you do just that. Here’s an infographic showing the origin of business cards […]


Ultimate Guide to Business Cards: Print & Design

December 31, 2013

Business owners can find themselves easily overwhelmed when it comes to working with a graphic designer on creating a branded business card. This guide highlights some common elements involved in the designing process that are overlooked or commonly misunderstood by less technical types. Source