Obama Tax Cuts and Health Plan Cost

February 7, 2013

This infographic provides graphical information for the cost on the U.S if Obama’s health plan passes and the cost to the public if Obama continues the Bush era tax cuts. It also shows the average tax change per tax payer with the different plans. Source


Presidential Job Approval

January 24, 2013

Obama’s re-election in 2012 will highly depend on the state of the economy and employment. This infographic takes a look at Obama’s rating approval since he first came into office. It shows how his approval rate went down and compares his status with Clinton and Bush’s approval rating during the same time in their presidency.


Obama’s Secret Surge

June 29, 2012

President Obama pledged to unwind the international follies of the Bush Administration, but what has he actually changed? As U.S. troops begin a drawdown in Afghanistan, and continue one in Iraq, NEWSWEEK crunched the most comprehensive publicly available data in search of an answer. Source