Lease vs. Buy Trends

April 25, 2014

Are you in the market to buy or lease commercial real estate? Make sure you check this infographic out on when and where to purchase the right property! Source


Ecommerce Shopping Carts & Shipping Options

December 3, 2013

Using an effective and functional ecommerce shopping cart is central to making profit with an online business. If the ecommerce platform is too complicated or doesn’t work in any capacity, potential customers will simply click to a different site. While a navigable shopping cart is great way to get customers browsing, enticing potential buyers to […]

Creative Thinking

January 27, 2013

Animation & motion graphic designed by Mohammed Bahadi. The concept was inspired by board game & typography building that moves.


Tallest Buildings in the World

January 9, 2013

Deskarati update – The planned Saudi Kingdom Tower will take the title of worlds tallest building when completed sometime in the next five years. Source

Guide To Steel

Guide To Steel

November 8, 2012

Ever wonder how steel is made or what the different types of steel are? Want to find out the tallest buildings in the US that are made from steel. This infographic has all those answers and more. Source

Bringing the Sun

Bringing the Sun’s Rays Inside

September 9, 2012

New technology that transports natural sunlight into the interior of buildings. Source

Contracting Contractors

Contracting Contractors

June 24, 2012

How to hiring a contractor work and all the questions you should probably ask in the process. Source

Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge

May 23, 2012

This diagram shows the consumption of water on campus by building. Each block is representative of the portion of water the building consumes with respects to the rest of the campus. The blocks are colour coded so that you can see the major functions of the laboratory (i.e. laboratory, offices, residence, etc…) Source