Balancing the Budget

March 8, 2014

An Infographic describing how the City of Oakland, California will face their budget. Source


Digital Marketing Budgets

December 11, 2013

Over the last few years, businesses and marketers have been seeing a tremendous shift away from traditional marketing towards interactive methods like social media, e-mail marketing and search marketing. The shift necessitates serious reconfiguring of marketing budgets to include these digital marketing channels. Source


24 Craziest Self-Storage Auction Finds

October 16, 2013

Downsizing definitely comes in all shapes and sizes. When people go bankrupt, they often lose everything not protected by state bankruptcy exemptions. Those with self-storage units may lose anything and everything in storage. Check out the bizarre and lucrative finds! Source


Holiday Shopping and Bankruptcy

October 2, 2013

The Arizona bankruptcy attorneys of the Harmon Law Office urge people to remain aware of “debt traps” that can create serious financial strain in the months following the holidays, and make an effort to avoid them. Source

How to Create a Personal Budget

How to Create a Personal Budget

August 27, 2013

If you’ve previously tried (and failed) to follow a budget, the problem may have been that you were using a formula designed for someone else, with different life circumstances. The best basis for a successful budget is your own past spending patterns. From there, you can create realistic guidelines for yourself that will help you […]

The Cost of Raising a Child

The Cost of Raising a Child

August 19, 2013

It’s no secret that raising a child is expensive. This infographic tells us just how expensive. It even breaks down the cost of moving to a house with one additional bedroom (including the added cost of utilities for that bedroom) by region and income level, along with many other interesting details. Source

Budgeting Your Newly Divorced Lifestyle

Let’s Get Physical: America’s Re…

June 21, 2013

With the fridge finally free of holiday leftovers, most Americans make the dreaded resolution to shed the pesky pounds they inevitably gained over the last few months. Vowing to be in beter shape than the year before, U.S. adults swear their fitness oaths loud and clear at local gyms. But how many actually stick to […]

Breaking Down the 2012 US Budget

Breaking Down the 2012 US Budget

April 13, 2013

The US Budget’s not exactly an easy thing to understand. Learn more about where the money goes and where it comes from. Source

Anatomy of a State Budget

Anatomy of a State Budget

April 10, 2013

Planning out a state budget can be a very intensive process. This infographic shows the 2011 Massachusetts budget and shows what it includes and how everything is broken down and factored into the budget plan.

Will the US Government Ever Balance the Budget?

Will the US Government Ever Balance the Budget?

April 7, 2013

With the US national debt the highest its ever been, many citizens are criticizing the government for the way it spends. Check out how the US balances its budget. Source

A Tsunami of Red Ink

A Tsunami of Red Ink

April 5, 2013

America’s national debt hasn’t just raises along with inflation, it’s increased exponentially at an alarming rate. Find out how this disturbing wave of debt has been gaining speed and growing. What will happen when the wave breaks? Source