Firefox By the Numbers

June 21, 2014

Firefox, the open source phoenix of a web browser that rose from the ashes of Netscape Navigator is now second only to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in adoption and leaves also-rans like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome in the dust. Users love Firefox for its chameleon like ability to be customized to any use case through […]


The Browser Wars

March 14, 2014

By all accounts Internet Explorer can be said to have won the browser wars, vanquishing Netscape’s Navigator and leaving the original Mozilla, Opera, and Safari to sideline skirmishes. Safari and Opera have their fans (Mac users and Europeans respectively) but the real battle these days is between Firefox and Internet Explorer. Between open source and […]


The Road to Internet Explorer 9

March 6, 2014

Years after winning the browser wars, Internet Explorer remains the dominant web browser with over 60 percent marketshare. But the road to get there wasn’t a smooth one. Paved with questionable deals, legal battles, security risks, brutal competition, and truly welcome new features, it is the road most taken by most web drivers. With Internet […]


The State of (Mobile) Web Development 2011

March 1, 2014

Welcome to the first State of (Mobile) Web Development report, which focusses on mobile web and application development related aspects of a survey of over 1,300 professional web developers and designers in February 2011. Web Directions has been conducting this survey annually since 2008. Source

Mozilla Firefox – The road leading up to Firefox 4

February 7, 2014

Firefox is regarded as one of the safest and fastest browsers out there. With such a solid reputation it has quickly become one of the most popular browsers in the world. This infographic looks at the rise of Firefox 4 and how it got to be the major player it is today. Source


Real User Monitoring Service

December 13, 2013

This is real-world data from real users, across the globe. How fast is your web app for your users? Source


A Date With A Browser

January 29, 2013

A funny graphic detailing each major browser as an eligible bachelor. Source

If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

July 10, 2012

Just like Hollywood’s wildest celebrities, internet web browsers seem to each have a personality and temper of their own. While Safari can act up like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, Firefox has a more Morgan Freeman approach to life. Check out this infographic to see if you agree with each web browser’s celebrity counterpart. […]

If Women Were Browsers

If Women Were Browsers

June 2, 2012

You’ve certainly noticed the infographics that Darice has been posting on the site regularly, and I have to say that she has opened up a whole new world for me. Sometimes, I find myself reading infographics for an hour – that’s saying a lot as my attention span is rather short. Anyhow, in one of […]