How Far Amazon Has Come

June 8, 2014 has changed the way the world purchases books. Not only did it introduce millions of commuters to the convenience of the Kindle, but it also has put bookstores such as Borders close to bankruptcy. This infographic looks at the journey of Amazon, which was started by Jeff Bezos back in 1994 and has grown […]


Books vs E-Books

May 16, 2014

There have been many heated debates over the centuries, but none have struck such passion in book lovers everywhere as the great e-book debate. Do you prefer downloading the latest best seller to your laptop or Kindle or will you always stick by your hardcover friend? This infographic shows both sides of this debate Source


iPad vs Magazines

February 19, 2014

Since Apple released the iPad in April 2010, 3 million people people have dropped $499 (or more) to get their hands on one. Many bought it believing that iPad would be the future of book and magazine consumption. And publishers quickly began pumping out iPad editions of their products. So how are iPad magazines faring […]


Press Facts

January 26, 2014

The first records of printing date back to 618 a.c. in China but it was not until Gutenburg introduced the printing press in 1455 that printing books, magazines, and newspapers became faster and cheaper. In the computer age we have moved toward digitalization. This infographic looks at the history of printing and shows exactly how […]


Buy And Sell Used Books Online

December 5, 2013

Looking at how much money textbooks cost over all it seems crazy to actually buy them new. Since you have probablly sold us books we know you are a savvy student but thought we would shed some light on the subject with this below graphic. Source

Dystopian Books Again Seize Power

Dystopian Books Again Seize Power

June 23, 2013

Dystopian fiction is more popular than it has been in more than 50 years. Whether it’s the result of political turmoil, global financial crises, or other anxieties, readers are craving books about ruthless governments and terrifying worlds. To mark the movie release of the most popular of this new wave of books, The Hunger Games, […]

World’s Biggest Books

June 8, 2013

Yes, newspapers are moving online to stop their own bleeding. And yes, e-reader books are blowing up. But you may be surprised to know that printed book sales are actually up too (+4% in 2009). E-books rose to 3% of total book trade market (and they’ll continue growing), but the bottom line is: Though the […]


2009’s Most Controversial Books According Parents

June 6, 2013

It happens every year across the country. Parents petition public and school libraries to remove certain books because of material they find objectionable. Whether it be because of nudity, offensive language, or religion, certain books are targeted and may or may not be banned. Here is the list of the top targeted books of 2009. […]

Ontologia WuMinghiana 99-11

Ontologia WuMinghiana 99-11

May 5, 2013

Books and novels by the italian “band of writers” Wu Ming, with attribution to each one of them. Source

40 Years of E-books

40 Years of E-books

May 2, 2013

Books have long been a favorite past-time and a way to escape to a far off fantasy land. The popularity of the E-book has made it even more convenient for people to indulge in the great past time of reading without having to lug a heavy book around. This infographic explores the history of E-books […]


Backpack Evolution: How Technology Changed Backpack Essentials

February 19, 2013

Technology has changed what tools students carry with them over the past couple of decades. See how backpacks from the 1990s and 2000s compare to today’s. Source


You Should Read This Before You Write That

January 4, 2013

If your latest get rich scheme is to write a book and watch the money roll in you might want to roll your eyes over to this infographic. The competition for readers is fierce and the book publishers know it. I’d stick with your golden plan of becoming internet famous with a funny song or […]