Shop Safe On a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday

July 31, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days in the United States, with all these transactions it’s important to keep your financial information safe. This infographic shows ten tips on how to protect your identity and financial information during these shopping days. Source


Holiday Shopping Online

April 23, 2014

This infographic provides numerical information for online shopping from 2005 until 2010. It shows the amount spent online during Black Friday for each year and shows what the biggest online shopping days are each year. Finally it explains what the terms Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Biggest Day mean Source


Black Friday: iPhone users spend 133% more Blackberry users

April 14, 2014

Black Friday was a success for many retailers, starting the 2011 holiday season off with a bang. At Seamless Receipts, we are always looking to glean insights about consumer purchasing behavior. We saw some interesting trends this year, especially when looking at the differences in behavior based on a user’s choice of mobile device, email […]


Sharp Spike in Tech Savvy Shoppers Expected on Black Friday

February 21, 2014

SocialVibe, a digital ad tech company, shows that 70 percent of tech-savvy consumers plan to shop on Black Friday – the Friday after Thanksgiving – which is a steep increase over 52 percent of respondents who reported they shopped on Black Friday in 2010. Source


Black Friday TV Stats

January 29, 2014

TVs are top sellers on Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for a discontinued LCD TV or the newest 3D HDTV, you’ll find some amazing Black Friday deals on all sizes and brands. Source


The Commerce of Christmas

December 6, 2013

We’ve all seen the Black Friday rush and the news reports of skyrocketing Cyber Monday sales and felt the pressure to spend, spend, spend over the holidays. But how do these numbers really add up? Source

Shopping for the Holiday Season: What Online retailers should know

October 3, 2013

With Cyber Monday behind us, many retailers are still reeling from the high traffic and sales that were condensed into a four-day weekend. Even customers are recovering from the barrage of Blyber weekend (the period between and including Black Friday and Cyber Monday) ads and promotions. However, the shopping season isn’t over yet and many […]

Holiday Hangover Report

Holiday Hangover Report

September 26, 2013

Whether you’re an online retailer, a fulfillment services provider, or a deal-conscious consumer, this year’s holiday season has been a record-setting whirlwind of activity. So with all that shipping, shopping, and selling behind you, you’ve probably resigned to the couch with a pillow over your face, right? Source

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter

September 3, 2013

MashWork analyzed over 270,000 tweets referencing Black Friday from Sept. 26 to Nov. 17. The data collected — displayed in the infographic embedded — yielded answers about what items people were most excited about buying, who they were shopping for and where they plan to make their purchases.

Black Friday 2011 Guide

Black Friday 2011 Guide

June 4, 2013

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Below is our Guide for this year’s season including: Store Hours, Highlights for each of the stores, and our Top 10 Deals list. Source

ShopSavvy Wins Black Friday 2011

ShopSavvy Wins Black Friday 2011

June 1, 2013

This last week has been a pretty crazy one here at ShopSavvy. We’ve seen traffic explode and, with that traffic, we’ve gathered a lot of insight about how the 2011 shopping season is shaping up. Source

Your foursquare #BlackFriday survival guide!

Your foursquare #BlackFriday survival guide!

May 26, 2013

Black Friday is fast approaching, which means there are flat screens to buy and giant pyramids of Justin Bieber dolls to be toppled. For this year’s all-day shopping frenzy, you’ll need more than just elbow pads and rabid deal-hunting enthusiasm – take a spin with foursquare’s Black Friday Survival Guide! Source