Magnetic Influence System

November 22, 2013

Magnetic Influence system shows how to become irresistible to your market, get consumer attention and position your business for success. By Source


The Complex Shopper

October 29, 2013

The Complex Shopper by The Integer Group. Visit for more info! Source

The Rider, The Elephant, and The Path

The Rider, The Elephant, and The Path

May 17, 2013

Do you want to influence people, to change hearts, minds, and behaviors? Dan and Chip Heath present a formula for making change in their bestselling book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. This infographic shows how their model of The Rider, The Elephant, and The Path is rooted in the competing functions […]

The Smurfs: Personality Disorders

The Smurfs: Personality Disorders

May 14, 2013

The Smurfs are cute and funny but they’re also quite troubled. The names that identify each miniature blue creature aren’t merely names picked out by parents, rather they’re adjectives that for many of them indicate mental illnesses of varying severity. If you see “The Smurfs” this weekend (or some old cartoons) you may have a […]


30 Days of Data with VOYURL

January 7, 2013

it’s been just over thirty days since we launched the newest evolution of voyurl. to celebrate like the happy dorks we are, we decided to share what 30 days of data within voyurl looks like. turns out, it’s pretty awesome… and there’s lots of it. Source

Self Care in the New Year: Keeping Our Resolutions

Self Care in the New Year: Keeping Our Resolutions

September 25, 2012

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions in hopes of improving their lives. They want to do a variety of things, such as quit smoking, lose weight or get a better job, to strive to be in a happier place with themselves than when they started the year. These resolutions are reflective of […]