Got Wills? Rocket Lawyer Make a Will Month survey results

April 15, 2014

This survey was conducted by Rocket Lawyer in 2012 among a nationwide cross section of 600 consumers and small business owners who are Rocket Lawyer members or have used Rocket Lawyer’s services. Almost half of Americans are taking a big risk with their family’s future by not having a Last Will. The death of a […]

Retirement Planning: When I

Retirement Planning: When I’m 64

April 5, 2013

Baby boomers, who account for nearly 1/4 of Americans, are officially reaching retirement age. The U.S. population age 45 and older is growing 18 times faster than the younger generation. Here are some of the best options in today’s economy for those on the brink of clocking out of the workforce. Source

Why Baby Boomers Are So Bummed

Why Baby Boomers Are So Bummed

March 26, 2013

Once the free-loving, daisy-chaining, rebellious hippies of the 1970s, the image of Baby Boomers has evolved to something quite different today. In fact, baby boomers are the gloomiest generation, as this infographic shows. Source

Baby Boomers Turn 65!

Baby Boomers Turn 65!

March 10, 2013

Facts about our aging generation, the Baby Boomers, as they reach retirement age. Source


Americans are Engaged in Social Change

January 28, 2013

Social change is important to Americans and it is Baby Boomers and Matures who are taking action and running the engine of social change in America. Source: Walden University’s Social Change Impact Report, conducted by Harris Interactive, March 2011 Source


CBO’s Long Term Projections Social Security

January 20, 2013

In this infographic the Congressional Budget Office provides information for the distribution of social security when the baby boomers come to the age to get their social security. It provides information for how the government will finance social security, how it will be distributed and the legislative timeline.


The Boomers: A Generation That Has Changed The Rules Of The Game –

January 17, 2013

It’s the summer of the Boomers. Led by the birthday celebrations for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush who are both turning 65 this summer, along with 7,000 other boomers who will be turning 65 every single day of the year. The Boomers have always changed the rules of the game and they are about […]


We All Want to be Young

January 11, 2013

They are on the top of the influence pyramid. Their new languages and behaviors are inspirational to people that are both younger and older than them. But the incredible power of today’s youth is directly related to those who came before them. Source

Baby Boomers Turn 65

Baby Boomers Turn 65

October 16, 2012

This infographic explores how the baby boomers who have just reached retirement age have planned for their future. It provides information for the number of baby boomers and details about how baby boomers have saved for retirement. It also provides information for how baby boomers have planned their lifestyle for their retirement.