Mental Maps of Car Brands Among U.S. Consumers

January 17, 2014

Shared semantic structures for automobile brands among U.S. Residents. A visualization of how U.S. Resident view automobile brands and how they are naturally organized. What was discovered was that U.S. residents naturally organize automobile brands by the attributes of region of origin and perceived luxuriousness. Research utilizes implementation of classic methods for systematic data collection […]

Lessons and Takeaways: Success Stories and Failures

Lessons and Takeaways: Success Stories and Failures

March 24, 2013

Over the years, since the rise of social media, car companies have tried to embrace this movement by creating their own ad and social media campaigns. Some have failed in their attempts and others have succeeded. This infographic takes a look at some of those campaigns, gives a brief description, and provides the lessons learned. […]