The Biggest Tech Valuation Changes

June 17, 2014

Usually a company’s valuation is based on its assets and income. Because technology companies are so different (and typically dont have many assets or much income starting out), the valuation methods for them are considerably different as well. Here is an infographic to look in to. Source


Binary Options Explained: What are Binary Options

November 24, 2013

The BinaryOptionsNow team has designed a detailed infographic that offers answers to the questions we often hear: What are binary options? And, How are binary options traded? So, if you’ve heard about the phenomenon of binary options trading and you are curious exactly how it works, this infographic is meant for you! Source


What are capital gains

January 27, 2013

A Capital Gain is a profit that results from investing in a capital asset, such as a stock, bond or real estate. WHen you sell an asset for less than its purchase price, on the other hand you incur a capital loss. Several factors determine the nature of your capital gain (or loss), including the […]

Google (graphic)

Google (graphic)

November 30, 2012

From, a data-heavy Google(graphic) by Jess Bachman, Google’s Acquisition Appetite. Visualizing almost 10 years of Google’s acquisitions and investments, and there’s hardly a month that Google didn’t invest in something. Source