Monthly Value of an App User

June 21, 2014

How many apps do you have on your phone? How much does that make you worth to app dealers? Find out. Source

iPad Insights

June 16, 2014

Reveals some key insights into the iPad, and what exactly it is being used for.


Who Buys Apple iPads? Rich, Male, Pet-Owning Geeks

June 14, 2014

Ever wonder who the most likely buyers are for the Apple iPad? Market data research firm BlueKai put together a nifty infographic that shows that the most likely buyers are males, video game players and (not sure what this means) pet owners. The device is popular, too, with scientists, international travelers, apartment dwellers, vitamin takers […]


The Future of TV? iTV.

June 13, 2014

The future of television is likely in the hands of Apple. But what do existing TV manufacturers think Apple has in store for the widely-rumored “iTV”? Here’s a snapshot. Source


The Amazing Blazing Recession Defying Tablet

June 13, 2014

Although there is a global recession, tablet sales are still strong and tablets remain popular among consumers. This infographic explains the tablets popularity and shows the leading companies spearheading the tablet industry. Source


Is the IPad 2 Ahead Of Competition?

June 12, 2014

With the release of the iPad in 2010, and the tremendous and unexpected success of this latest Apple invetion, there was no doubt that all of the Apple’s competitors would release their own tablets in the near future in order to compete with the iPad. After the first wave of releases and the initial thickening […]


Timeline of Apple Milestones Infographic

June 2, 2014

Apple devotees are serious about Apple products. They will wait days outside in the rain, no, the snow, just to be able to say they were the first person to get the latest iPad. This infographic shows the rise of the cult known as Apple and how it became the coolest kid on the tech […]


How Popular Tech Companies Got Their Names

June 2, 2014

By now, most of us have heard the story of how Google got its name. But Google isn’t the only company out there with an odd name. And it certainly isn’t the only name with an interesting story. Here is the list of stories behind the naming of popular tech companies. Source


The State Of The Mobile App World

June 1, 2014

Undeniable, Apple introduced the first App store in 2008. Nowadays, the app store is still developing rapidly. Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Google App Store, Palm, RIM and Windows Phone marketplace. Android has become the top smartphone platform among all of them. There were 5 billion apps were downloaded in 2010. Wow.. the number […]


Apple Form Factor Evolution

June 1, 2014

Art director and designer Edwin Tofslie has clearly laid out a comprehensive- enough evolutionary visual time line of Apple products from 1976 to the present day, ending with, umm, uhhh–oh yeah, that new telephone device thing. Source


AT&T vs Verizon iPhone Usage

May 27, 2014

We took a look at the current state of the iPhone landscape by pulling key data points around the iPhone’s usage and surveying Verizon iPhone owners across our exchange. With the iPhone finally making its way to the Verizon network last month, we aimed to determine whether Verizon has made any traction against AT&T. Source


SigFig: Apple Q1 2012 Earnings By The Numbers

May 22, 2014

SigFig analyzed $25B in investments across nearly 70 brokerages to see how Apple investors have reacted to past earnings. We combined this information from Apple, including devices sold and price per share for the past several quarters. At SigFig, we help users manage and improve their investments. We also help everyone invest smarter by analyzing […]