What If You Had Bought Apple Stock In 1980?

March 11, 2014

Many investors are experiencing hindsight regret by not taking firm action with Apple long ago. In December 12, 1980, one share of Apple stock (APPL) was worth $2.75, which has grown to $396.75 in August 2011. Since 2005, Apple stock prices have experienced an upward climb with the acclaim of the iPod and release of […]


The Retail Phenomenon Called Apple

January 14, 2014

Earlier this month Apple opened doors to its newest and largest store in London’s Covent Garden. We thought it was time to give the 10-year-old retail phenomenon a new look. Apple’s retail store sales for their most recent quarter were $2.58 billion. Each store brings in an average of $35.9 million in sales, which continue […]