A History of App Stores: Apple, Google, and Everyone Else

July 12, 2014

Ever wonder how the different App Stores stack up? Then take a look at our infographic. We compared the Apple App Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, and the Nokia, Palm and Windows Phone 7 application directories. Statistics include OS distribution, percentage of paid vs. free apps in each directory, average apps downloaded by device, […]


The Radical Growth of App Economy

February 16, 2014

through app developmentThe app economy has been growing exponentially in the past couple of years. Smartphone platforms have become great job creators in this day and age. It has been only a short few years since iPhone made its debut. Now Apple apps have been downloaded billions of times. This infographic shows the radical growth […]


Mobile App Marketplace

January 5, 2014

The mobile industry has billions of customers; however, only a fraction are smart phone users—somewhere in the couple million range. It used to be that Apple was the dominate player, but now we have Android, Blackberry, and Microsoft all fighting for market share in this booming industry. And why is that? Because of the apps […]


The App Store Economy

January 13, 2013

This infographic provides numerical data about Apple app. It states the number of apps in existed, how many apps are downloaded, the average cost of apps, and app revenue.