The App Option

May 24, 2014

This infographic explores whether it’s better for a company to design an app or a mobile website. It provides statistics for worldwide app revenue and worldwide mobile website revenue and determines what gets you more for your time and money. Source


The Mobile Developer Journey

April 7, 2014

A mobile app’s journey is not always a swift one. Mobile developers have to take their ideas, sell it and package it so consumers will want to download it. This infographic looks at a mobile developer’s journey from idea to app download. Source


From Idea to App: The Process of App Development

April 5, 2014

Here’s an infographic to showcase the amazing process that app developers go through. It goes from their initial idea to getting the app directly into the user’s hands, and how to continue to maintain the high level of quality. Source


Does FDA Need to Approve My Mobile Medical App

January 20, 2013

Content determines whether an app requires FDA approval. Essentially, and with some exceptions, an app only needs FDA approval if it handles private patient information, is used to make a diagnosis, acts as or powers a medical device, or any of the above. Source

App Hero vs. App Hero

App Hero vs. App Hero

December 1, 2012

Have you ever wondered who would win between the Angry Bird and Doodle Jump. Wonder no longer. final answers the life long questions of who would win between app heroes. Source