Viral Marketing Vs Spreadable Marketing

June 28, 2014

In this loop there is only one voluntary action, the decision to interact with the campaign. Everything else is involuntary. A user’s very participation propagates the campaign. Source


Size Matters

January 13, 2014

Inner-active, the industry’s premier mobile ad mediation provider with over 100 ad networks and local agencies available at the click of a button, has released an infographic with and insight on “in app advertisement size and position”. Source

buyselladscom-celebrating-2-years Celebrating 2 Years

December 6, 2013

Clever idea by BuySellAds, a self-promotional infographic charting the progress of BSA over the last two years. While the visual graphics are nothing to write home about, the idea behind it and the creative use of self-promotion are ideas to be appreciated. In today’s Internet, promoting your site, your self or your company can be […]


Medium Matters: What Is The Most Effective Ad Media

December 1, 2013

Today, marketers have more options than ever to try to target consumers. So what is the best media now? There’s no one answer that works for all businesses. In the infographic below, we take a look at how different formats stack up. Source


Ads @ Google

October 28, 2013

As the year draws to a close, Google is taking a look back: first at how the world searched in 2011, and now at how consumers and businesses engaged with online advertising. Here is an infographic highlighting some of Google’s online advertising benchmarks in 2011, as well as some successes from individual brands. Source


Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

October 19, 2013

In recent years, the Internet has opened up doors never before realized in the world of marketing. Marketing your business online is now easier than ever and often quite affordable. Source


Behavioural Algorithms for Online Advertising

October 2, 2013

The request was to create a poster that would explain the Simply algorithm in a simple and appealing way. This is why we have split the process into two parts: in the first part the brand campaign is spread over the clusters (cluster: a group of homogenous websites). In the second, the best performing clusters […]


BuySellAds Infographic

January 22, 2013

You have probably seen a creative job hunter turn their resume into an infographic, but this might work for companies looking to get hired themselves. This infographic from shows what a few graphics can do for what would seem to be a fairly standard company profile. Source

Maximizing The Marketing Power of Facebook and Twitter

Maximizing The Marketing Power of Facebook and Twitter

October 26, 2012

For each wall post using Back At You’s self-service platform, an average of 200 people saw the promotion, and 85 percent of them reshared what they saw. Do these numbers sound too good to be true or like something you want to try out for your own marketing efforts? These highlights appear in the nifty […]