Who Struck Geolocation Gold?

By Admin, January 25, 2013


Goal: Show off the Viral Heat specific data (They use semantic web algorithms to establish Sentiment) in a creative and interesting way. There were alot of questions leading up to SXSW 2010 surrounding the ‘war’ between Gowalla and Foursquare (and others), and who would win. We felt that the more interesting question was whether or not SXSW had any effect on either of the companies AFTER the show since both companies had spent enormous amounts of money on Marketing and PR. Post SXSW, this great visualization by SimpleGeo was posted. Both companies won if the question was ‘Was there increased marketshare?”, but Foursquare clearly had higher volume of users mentioning their service. That being said, users were 17% more positive towards Gowalla. This could be perceived as the more interesting metric in many ways. Aftermath (Updated April 23, 2010) Retweets: 1049; Facebook Share: 332; Google Buzz: 19 We worked very closely with Jones-Dilworth to make this graphic happen.


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