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By Admin, June 11, 2013


n some niches (namely technology, news, and entertainment — although there are others), Digg is still a top player in the social media world. Getting your story or blog post on Digg’s front page can equal a boatload of traffic. And despite the fact that many have said they have a hard time converting this kind of Digg-rush into much else (ad revenue or regular readers for example), site owners still do everything they can to claw their way to that front page status. If your site or company wants to get to the front page of Digg you know you have to create content that others want to share. But what kind of content should that be? We had the below infographic put together to help you out. We’ll take a look at Digg trends from the last month (June 15, 2010 – July 15, 2010), showing you Digg’s most popular topics, most-Dugg sites and what the power users are sharing.


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