Wanted by the FBI: Who is the Most Annoying Facebook User

By Admin, December 1, 2012


In the style of a retro/vintage FBI Wanted poster, we have created an infographic that details the 5 most annoying Facebook users. It is a play on words, so that FBI here means, “FaceBook Intervention” and not “Federal Bureau of Investigation”. To emphasise the theme, we have edited the FBI logo so that it reads, Department of Public Opinion: FaceBook Intervention. We have found that a lot of Facebook users can be categorised into these 5 labels. 1. The Extremist 2. The Cause-Head 3. The Attention-Seeker 4. The Proud-Parent 5. The My-Friends-Are-My-Life We encourage audience participation by re-posting and selecting who they think is the most annoying user.


What do you think?

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