TV Watching Is Not The Same

By Admin, October 10, 2012


This isn’t your mothers TV watching. If you are over 30 years old, you remember the days of having to watch the Cosby Show, when it was scheduled to be on. Then came the days of recording to your VCR, which had humor in itself because so many couldn’t figure out how to get the 12:00 from blinking; as well setting the time to record a show. Recording multiple shows was a nightmare because you either had to have separate VCR’s in separate rooms or have the knowhow to set them all up. I remember fielding calls from parents, friends, parents friends, and anyone who could get a hold of me to get them set up. Those days are LONG GONE and the days of TiVo and DVR’s are now changing as well. On-line content is drastically growing as a place for people to watch the shows that they want. For example, the other day our nation watched the presidents State of the Union address on TV, listened to it on the radio, or streamed it live via YouTube and other online sources. I missed the speech entirely, but have it marked to watch on YouTube.


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