How Your Profile Picture Is Damaging Your Online Personal Brand

By Admin, August 15, 2012


How Your Profile Pic Is Damaging Your Online Personal Brand? We already know you’re aware of Personal Branding. And we assume you’re also aware of Online Personal Branding. Well, sort of! But we don’t want to make any mistakes by assuming this. So we thought our next blog should be about clearing those doubts we have by kick starting with your Profile Pictures! We can imagine that the web is getting flooded with so many different social media sites almost every week, so you’re likely to feel curious to check them out. While you do that, you’re already a part of some of the biggest or most popular social networks, that too for quite some time now. And anyone (literally anyone) can find you out there in search results on giant search engines, unless you know your privacy settings well. Check our blog here:


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