Who Had The Social Sweet Spot?

By Admin, May 21, 2012


Description: To highlight the chatter and the sentiment around the iPad launch and Obama’s first State of the Union. Both had significant hype, but there were questions around who was the bigger influence on American culture. Aftermath: The infographic initially appeared on Mashable, and the response was better than expected. The graphic quickly spread to other sites, notably Gizmodo. It’s hard to know the page views, but the combined number of retweets are 1396, with 193 shares on Facebook, and the client reportedly got a ton of new business because of the placement of this graphic. Note: The image that appears on Mashable does not include Steve Jobs holding an iPad. This is because the internet is a wild frontier and sometimes (*sigh*) things can’t be helped. We worked very closely with Jones-Dilworth to make this graphic happen.


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