Time Management Facts & Figure

By Admin, January 3, 2013


Wondering!!! Where does your time go??? You often fail to manage your time because of your unclear objectives, failure to delegate, procrastination, failure to plan, attempting to do too much at once and the list goes on. Time Management is not doing the wrong things quicker. That just gets us nowhere faster. Time Management is doing the right things. It’s all about choice management. One needs to understand, how they waste their valuable time and how they can change their poor working habits by replacing them with effective tasks. There is no magic formula that will automatically transform a person from an inefficient planner and time-keeper to a time management expert. There are, however, certain steps that can be taken to slowly improve one’s time management skills. Throughout our work and personal life, we make many plans. In regard to this, you will notice a fact that your 1 hour of planning will save 10 hours of doing. Like these below are the lists of some interesting facts about time management in an organization.


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