100 Calories

By Admin, May 19, 2012


The 100 calories visualisation shows the comparison of two sides to one coin, products you can consume to gain 100 calories and how much is needed, and activities you can perform and how long you would need to in order to shed 100 calories. The idea behind this visualisation was to create a visualisation that brought attention to how silly the whole calorie counting business really is and how simple the answer to many people’s weight issues really is; Eat healthily and stay active and the whole thing will balance itself out nicely. The design of the visualisation is based on David McCandless’ visualisation on endangered species. Although it resembles a Sankey diagram it is in fact not one as the change in width of the various lines is not an indicator of higher quantity but rather just used to separate the different categories visually. An extensive amount of work went into the prep-work for this visualisation as all figures on both sides of the 100 calories had to be recalculated to provide a tangible result that then in return could be displayed as a length of pixels.


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