Marriage According to the Bible

By Admin, May 10, 2012


Let me just mention that I am not against Christianity or against religion as a whole. I am against people using religion as an excuse to support their xenophobia, racism and sexism. With that said, enjoy this cool infographic complete with the thumbs up on who it is okay to marry and who it is okay to just sleep with…. now, where is my concubine?


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  1. Rosalind Gnatt says:

    It gets even better: in ancient cultures (Roman, Greek, Hebrew – whatever) a propertied man (citizen, tribal man with property) could stup anyone – man, woman, child, slave, foreigner – that would be anyone with less status than himself. Which is why there is no problem with a hebrew man stupping his daughter: it’s simple – she was his property! This is also why there are those handy rules in Exodus for selling your daughter into slavery: they essentially reassure the father that, if the guy who buys her gets tired of her, the father won’t have to take back the damaged goods. Neither will the owner have to give her a shekel to live on when he sends her on her way. Don’t you just love the Bible?

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