Vaginal Mesh Infographic

By Admin, August 1, 2012


The infographic—viewable at —clearly and succinctly illustrates how several vaginal mesh products, all of which became the subject of hundreds of lawsuits and were manufactured by different companies, attained FDA approval based on their similarity to a recalled device. The infographic also features a timeline of significant events in the history of vaginal mesh, details about the vaginal-mesh-injury reports the FDA received prior to issuing a public alert stating that “serious complications associated with surgical mesh … are not rare,” and statistics illustrating the breadth and scope of the vaginal-mesh-injury epidemic. The FDA on July 13, 2011, issued a warning specifically addressing the high incidence of complications occurring as a result of using mesh products and slings to treat women’s incontinence, and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). According to that warning, the most consistently reported complication that arose when using surgical mesh to treat POP was erosion: the mesh wore through the vaginal mucosa and exposed its rough and uncomfortable surface to the patient and her partner. Patients also reported instances of mesh contraction (shrinkage). Other side effects that transvaginal mesh patients reported included bleeding, infection, pain and urinary problems.


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