Out Like a Light: SAD and the Winter blues

By Admin, March 21, 2013


Exploring the correlation between Seasonal Affective Disorder and the low-levels of daylight in winter, this infographic shows just how little daylight office workers receive year-round. On average, most nine-to-fivers in the UK are exposed to less than an hour’s worth of daylight outside their working hours during December: London workers see an hour and one minute while Glasgow’s working population only catches 20 minutes of daylight in the morning and none at all after 5pm. People in other countries suffer the same fate with New Yorkers picking up an hour and 48 minutes of sunlight a day in December while workers in Helsinki don’t see the sun at all during the festive season. This infographic also includes a collection of facts that can help you recognise and treat SAD. With December and the winter solstice drawing in we are certainly in for some short days in the coming weeks.


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