How Much is Your Life Worth?

By Admin, September 11, 2012


The debate over last years Patient Protection Act / ObamaCare (depending on your political affiliation) was unquestionably intense, with both sides resorting to extreme hyperbole; Investors Business Daily claimed that if ObamaCare passed, resulting in a health care system similar to the UK’s, world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking “wouldn’t stand a chance”, completely ignoring that fact that Professor Hawking has lived in England for all of his 67 years. Health care proved to be one of the most divisive political issues of the early 21st century. Even though the Zeitgeist has moved on to pastures new -the economic implosion, new and old wars in the middle east- the question of health care cost is one that only a lucky few are able to avoid. Intrigued by the question of how many dollars we expend to preserve our lives, we fired the research machine and went statistic hunting. Displayed below, in fantastic three tone colour, are our findings.


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