Diabetes in California

By Admin, May 29, 2013


The rapid increase of type 2 diabetes can be reduced and reveresed through the first step of bringing awareness and education. The poster and graphs are samples of data taken from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a volunteer who for blood sugar sample readings. This graph represents what a typical diabetic, without proper management of diabetes, will observe in their blood sugars 1 hour after eating (the readings could be higher for more severe cases, and especially if they have consumed a lot of carbohydrates). There are a few goals for this graph. The first is to show a profile of what blood sugars look like for diabetics so people understand that just because a diabetic person may not feel sick, in the traditional way people think of being ill, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening to the diabetic internally. The second is to know what the range is for high, normal, and low readings as this helps with monitoring of blood glucose when patients are given blood glucose meters for home use. The third, which is most important, is for people to recognize the symptoms of high and low blood sugar because these are very dangerous states for diabetics to be in. Often times people who have diabetes (whether they have been diagnosed or not) simply are not aware of how blood sugar affects them and they do not recognize the symptoms to help themselves better regulate their blood sugars.

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