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Welcome to BreastDecide™! BreastDecide is a physician-based medical app designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common breast conditions and corrective procedures. VIEW annotated imagery of the breast. EXPLORE this anatomy layer by layer from outer skin to the chest wall. CHOOSE the procedure you are interested in, and view video of the surgery. LEARN about treatment processes, and LOCATE specialists near you in easy to understand listings. Then SHARE your findings with friends and family through the app’s email feature or video out capability, which allows any Orca app to be connected to a larger screen or monitor. The purpose of Orca Health’s series of Decide apps is to educate the non-medically trained patient about their medical problems. The Decide series aims to enhance understanding of common conditions of the body while answering in an informed, practical guide which conditions may require surgical treatment. For patients suffering from breast, chest, and neck pain, an effective and timely treatment is crucial to regaining and maintaining a high quality of life, but how can you make sense of so much information? The Decide Medical App series presents valuable guides for patients as they seek to understand and find the most effective treatments for their medical problems. The procedures covered in BreastDecide are: Augmentation Reduction Lift Reconstruction Abnormality Orca Health’s Decide series focuses on both temporary treatment solutions and conditions that may be serious enough for possible surgical remedy. All contributors are speciality-trained MDs with several decades experience and advanced degrees from: Stanford University of Washington Harvard University of Southern California University of Utah University of Rochester New York Orca Health understands that as health insurance co-pay costs rise and the number of qualified doctors decreases, the need to find a clear path to the correct treatment in a more efficient manner is increasingly important. Visit us at, and watch for our future releases.


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