Top 9 Romantic Restaurants in San Francisco

By Admin, April 3, 2013


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples are busy finding to do something that is special!! For a vast majority, Romantic Dining is very special. affirms that dining out is most preferred romantic activity on a Valentine’s Day. Bharath Yadla, VP of myBantu said “It is currently available on iPhone, Android & Facebook. On Android myBantu is enabled with voice interaction as well. Aiming at being Siri2.0, myBantu provides users with personalized and relevant recommendations for what they need. Users not only get personalized recommendations, but also can seek opinions from friends, get coupons & get their needs done”. Finding a romantic restaurant can be very tedious and painful, myBantu makes this effort easy with its relevant and personalized recommendations. For this Valentine’s day, myBantu recommends (source recommendations & usage data) these top 9 Romantic restaurants in San Francisco shown in the infographic.


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