How do you feed your baby

By Admin, August 8, 2012


We’ve discovered that there’s some big issues when it comes for parents to feed their babies AGREE, especially in the first years of life. Industrialization has cahanged the way that we eat. It’s lead to the miracle of cheap and abundant calories but it’s also been the root cause of an ever expending obesity epitdemic and it comes with some nasty physical, psychological and social consequences. The problem is that babies eat the same way. Whether it’s the lack of know how and experience from the parents or the medical problems that appear from unhealthy nutrients, they all lead to unhealthy growing. So there’s a continuous struggle from parents. We’re working with a couple of tech guys and medical practitioners on ideas of making infant feeding much more easier for moms. The solution isn’t in tools and filters, it’s in habits and healthy choices. And we think that it all starts there. Here are the results of our first study:


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