The Paperless Office: Why It Hasn’t Happened

By Admin, November 16, 2012


Did you know that 44% of Americans plan to use half the amount of paper in 5-10 years they do now? Or that 75%+ consider reducing their paper consumption for environmental reasons to be important? In our ongoing endeavors to better understand how the world uses and perceives digital documents, we conducted a survey. We thought about asking around the Nitro offices, before realizing that doing so would have produced a less-than-impartial (and probably biased) data sample; so we decided to go to the pros. We contracted TNS, a global, independent market research firm to go out and quiz 1,000 adult Americans on our behalf about their paper consumption, digital documents, and where it’s all headed. Needless to say, the results were shocking — both in the conventional (literal) context as well as in the “passing out from the sheer quantity of data sense.” So, we brought in the awesomely talented guys at Column Five to distill all that data into one easily digested and conveniently shared infographic. Major props. It’s the first of a series we’re working on with them, and we’re pretty stoked with how it came out – watch this space…


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