By Admin, July 6, 2013


Competition entry >Information is Beautiful February 2012 A huge amount of data was provided for this challenge, far more than could ever be used effectively in a single static graphic. Among other things, each movie was categorised by genre, awards obtained and ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. All were interesting in there own way, however I decided to examine the one thing which matters most in the business. Money. Every Hollywood movie from the last five years is represented by a rectangle in the centre, categorised by its production budget. The rearrangement on the right shows how much money each of those films went on to generate, while the left hand side shows how profitable they turned out to be, with 100% representing the break even point. The uncluttered version above effectively shows the general distribution patterns, while an annotated version reveals the names of the movies below. While it appears true that a larger productions often result in high takings at the box office, it seems the secret to making a profitable return on you investment is to work with a much smaller budget.

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