Technological Evolution: School Staff

By Admin, November 11, 2012


I have been dabbling with infographics and have, at last, designed my first to visualize a part of my research conceptual framework ( in a new way. In this flow chart, I trace the evolution of a school’s staff over time and with additional technology. I’m studying the pedagogical technologist in the fourth stage; and based on what Case D told me, I developed the fifth stage in which the pedagogical technologist is extinct as the teachers can adequately transform their own teaching through technology. I designed this infographic using Creatly and Pixlr. Creatly wasn’t difficult to use, and its interface resembled the Lucid Chart interface, which is a good thing. However, the features were limited severely on the free package — the selection of arrows and other objects was limited; and I couldn’t even fill the background. To do the latter, I used Pixlr and added a yellow layer underneath the transparent Creatly graphic. If I were more ambitious, I would have added a key underneath this graphic to explain the roles illustrated in this chart with more depth.


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