Most Loved Children’s Books

By Admin, July 1, 2012


The month of March is considered National “March into Literacy” Month, and was created to promote reading among children. Literacy Month and its sponsor, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, work to increase opportunities for our nation’s most economically disadvantaged children by providing them with access to resources that can improve their ability to both read and communicate effectively. Since 2008, the literacy program has delivered more than 1 million books to hundreds of thousands of less fortunate children. In an effort to support “March into Literacy” Month and our youth, we have created a both fun and informative infographic, “The Most Loved Children’s Books.” In it, we have recounted our favorite books as a way to celebrate children’s literature throughout the years. Help students reach their potential and create a lifelong love of reading by sharing this infographic. We encourage you to help us spread the importance of reading for our youth!


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