UCUBED map showcases broad GOP attack on jobless.

By Admin, September 19, 2012


Metropolitan area unemployment numbers for the month of February reveal another poor showing on behalf of state governments to create much-needed jobs. In fact, instead of putting Americans back to work, a number of state governors and legislatures – particularly those with Republican majorities – are proposing and moving a series of bills aimed at punishing the unemployed. In states like Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Florida, lawmakers have either voted, or are preparing to vote, on legislation that would cut back on jobless benefits, reduce the amount of weeks the jobless can collect unemployment insurance, require the unemployed undergo drug tests in order to receive benefits, and… the list goes on. It’s all part of a concerted attack by the GOP on the middle class. Just to show you how broad the GOP plan of attack is, UCubed has put together a map of the states currently pushing anti-jobless legislation.


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