Learn When You’ll Die In ‘Shark Night’ 3D

January 3, 2013

A flow chart depicting who’s going to die first and who’s going to die last in a horror movie. It pays to be smart. Source


In The Amount of Time It Takes You to Read

January 2, 2013

The things that will happen in the amount of time it takes you to read this infographic. Source


The Melted Mind of a Film Buff

January 1, 2013

This infographic gives a inside look to what a film buffs mind is filmed with. From the next film festival, to IFC, to an infatuation with Woody Allen, the guy who knows every line to a movie and can do impressions of his favorite stars dead on… is always thinking about something film related. Source


On that day, no one wears pants

December 31, 2012

That day in March where it’s really warm and you get irrationally optimistic … Source


Employee Theft Statistics

December 30, 2012

The infographic below clearly shows that employee theft is on the rise; and more startling is the fact that no one is immune to the lure of free pencils or getting a five-finger-discount when it come to electronics and other office equipment. All levels of education are guilty and those with bachelor’s degrees are the […]


What to do when something spills

December 29, 2012

This Infographic will demonstrate what people do after a spill. Source


The Creative Process

December 28, 2012

This infographic provides a visual to show the way the mind works during the creative process. The mind is analyzed like a street road and all the different directions it takes when it’s trying to express creativity. Source


Zombies Vs. Supermodels

December 27, 2012

As the years go on it seems like supermodels are getting thinner and thinner. This infographic compares supermodels to zombies to show how their unrealistic size makes them look and act like they’re nearly dead. Source


The Lifespan of a Television Show

December 26, 2012

It doesn’t matter what genre of television show – they all end up following the same (pretty) predictable pattern. This hilarious infographic looks at the lifespan of a television show – from its booming first season to its steady decline to cancellation. Source


The Simpsons, South Park, and Ninja Turtle…

December 25, 2012

The Simpsons, South Park, and Ninja Turtles LEGO Ads Source


Compensation claims through history

December 24, 2012

The funniest one in this could be the man who got £48k (in new money) for dirnking poison by mistake! Source


The Mail Online in Numbers

December 23, 2012

An analysis of the Daily Mail’s website – now the no. 1 online news source in the world – and its content priorities… Source